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This is the tale of the glorious A-Team, top 250 to 500 elite! That's right, NHL13 is upon us, and once again we'll be taking the pixellated ice like a Hurricane (hopefully not like the Hurricanes, unless they're good this year).

Clearly we have proven beyond doubt that we are the team of destiny, hailing all the way back from '08 this team has had more drama, webs of intrigues, politics, coups d'état, and plain stupidly awesome and less awesome moments than all of the EASHL teams combined.

We are an institution, and hating on us is one of the few consistent things about EA's NHL series. We also have the Super Series mode unlocked. If you care to learn about our rich history, see the history segment below.

Trying Out for The A-Team
1) You do not want to tryout for the A-Team, have you considered one of the other, better, and really really really ridiculously good looking teams out there?
2) Still here? You must be crazy, we like crazy, but not too crazy. Be advised, trying out for this team, you will be questioned for you failure in the offensive zone, defensive zone, neutral zone, and life in general.
3) If you still absolutely want to tryout for the A-Team, send a message in xbox live to Frishmana and/or Celestial Black, mention HF or A-Team tryout, and you will get one.

Our incomparable roster:

Team Roster (HF name / Gamertag)
Chairman Mallard/DaNitemanCometh (LW/G)
Chaos/ChaOs84 (LW/C/D) - on leave
The Waffler/IIIBAD HABITIII - on brb leave?
The Worst Poster/Indrew (W/D)

NeoCanuck/Arashie (C/D)
osgoodshlatters (C/W)
Ranger35/Frishmania (C/W)
thecupismine / SubtleJason123 (C/W/D)

DucksRule00/Jax00 (W/D/G)
The Roffler/Benny FTW (RW/D) - on brb leave
TullyNYR/KingHenrikNYR (RW/D/G)
Vagrant/Vagrant v2 (RW/D)

Doc Holliday / ArGarBarGar - finally had enough?
Celestial Black / Celestial Black
Groin Of Bates/xArCaDiAx
SJSharksFan/Soundwave (D/G)


The History (now in chronological order!) -
01 - The HFBoards A-Team NHL 09 EASHL Team (X360 Version)
02 - The HFBoards A-Team NHL 09 EASHL Team (X360 Version) V.2
03 - The HFBoards A-Team NHL 09 EASHL Team (X360 Version) V.3
04 - The HFboards A-Team NHL 09 EASHL TEAM (360 Version)
05 - NHL 09 A-TEAM Official EASHL Thread; Version 5.
06 - NHL '09 A-Team Official EASHL Thread; Version 6
07 - HFBoards A-Team; Version 7: Awaiting CanadianPanthersFan To play us
08 - HFBoards A-Team; Version 8: We be poppin collars
09 - HFBoards A-Team 1 : Chaos watch.(nhl09 discussion)
10 - HFBoards A-Team 2 : Chaos watch.(nhl10 discussion)
11 - |HFBoards A-Team 2 Thread|HF's only official team|
12 - The Keyboard Cats - Xbox360 - A new dawn...
13 - The Keyboard Cats V2 - What a long, strange trip it's been
14 - The A-Team: From The Ashes (XBox360 EASHL)
15 - The A-Team: The Return... (Xbox360 EASHL)
16 - The A-Team: And So Are The Days Of Our Lives.......
17 - The A-Team: We've Got Sick Flow and We Know How to Use It (EASHL XBOX360 Team)
18 - The A-Team: Double Elite Playoff Champions Edition (EASHL XBOX360 Team)
19 - The A-Team: NHL 12 Improved EA Physics Edition (EASHL XBOX360 Team)
20 - The A-Team (EASHL X360) Countdown to NHL 13 - Scrubs Apply Within

The A-Team EASHL Website:

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