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09-11-2012, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
I think Oiler fans understand this point of view, or at least they should. Different, but equivalent things can be said about Taylor Hall for example in response to the many people who underestimate his importance to the Oilers. In Hall's case it his drive and never quit attitude that seems to really impact how the team plays around him. And like Henrique he is a winner.

The problem though is that it is almost impossible to quantify such intangibles, at least as far as trades are concerned. This is partly why so many of these threads deteriorate so much. Hometown fans realise the value of a player beyond the statistical components that everyone has access to. The fans from opposing teams almost always downplay such contributions as not having much impact. (Of course, there is also a healthy dose of no knowing what one is talking about as well that causes lots of the problems )

There are a few players in the NHL whose reputations reach a level where intangibles are given full value or perhaps even exaggerated. Henrique is not such a player, at least not yet.

What I said about him I don't say lightly, though. I know it's not possible to quantify those intangible attributes, so let me try to compare him to a past player in what he brings in that regard: Scott Stevens. Henrique brings the kind of attitude and confidence that this team has been missing since Stevens left. Parise didn't have it. Kovy doesn't really have it (though he has the passion). Clarkson doesn't have it. Marty doesn't have it. Zajac doesn't have it. Henrique does. Again, I can't really quantify "it", but Henrique has more of it than any NJ player since Stevens. Future captain material even if his stats never get better.

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