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This brief list of mine might look a little weird to some. All the obvious guys are there of course, but their positions may surprise. Keep in mind that these are a forecast as much as an assessment of present fact. Also bear in mind that there is as much art to scouting as there is science, and I make full use of my instincts.
1. Luke Gingras, Langley. He has obvious talent and size, but this a gut call on my part to put him this high. Call it a hunch. I just really like this player and I think his chances of achieving significant success in Junior is very high.
2. Tyson Jost, POE. I dont know why this guy isnt in more conversations about top F in BC.
3. Jaeger White. A pure goal-scorer with wicked shooting skills, but Im actually tempted to have him in the #5 spot, behind both Kryski and Hanooun, maybe because I suspect the whispers about him being fragile could be true. If he survives physically and can produce big numbers, I wont mind being wrong.
4. Dante Hanoun, NSWC. Though highly skilled he is small-ish. Hes gotta show some growth though or hell slip down a notch or two.
5. Jake Kryski, BWC. What hands! I really think I might switch his place on this list with Whites. I know, putting White in the #5 spot is contrary to what almost everyone else is saying, but Ive got my doubts about Jaeger AND like Gingras I just have a strong hunch about Kryski. (Not very scientific, is it?)
6. Michael Regush, Semiahmoo. Needs to add strength and a bit of size, but his vision is unreal. Unfortunately hes got no-one to play with in Semi. Im also not sure his parents will let him go major junior, but his skills put him right up there.
7. Trevor Ayre, POE. Very nice all-round package good vision, hands, solid two-way F who buries his scoring chances.
8. Kody McDonald, POE. Together with Jost and Ayre POE can ice a top-line as good as anyone else.
9-15. Sorry to be fuzzy at this point folks, but these next few are tough to slot in any meaningful way right now. The names Ill mention could go in just about any order for me at this point, though the Super Series coming up at BWC in a few days will help shape my thinking going forward. So here we go, in no particular order:
Beck Malenstyn (OHA) Kyle Uy (BWC) Tak Anholt (NSWC) Joel Murga (POE) and Ive heard strong comments coming out of tryouts for Kylishbeck (BWC) all will be interesting to watch.
Unfortunately I wont be able to see a couple other players that I like compete this weekend Nathan McCarnan (Vcr) is a rugged talent who could figure in the Top 15, and I was impressed by the size/strength/presence of Spencer Gerth (Langley) this Spring.

Okay, the top 5 or 6 are obviously solid, though many will think Ive put them in the wrong order. Call me stubborn or stupid for not betting on Jaeger White to go #1 at this point but time will tell. And Im always willing to change my mind. LOTS can change over the next 6 months.

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