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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Two facts often missed by people (months later) and I'm not sure why:

1) Michalek was a better fit in Phoenix's system than ours; he is a good player overall but not much of an impact here. You can blame him, blame Byslma, whatever... he just didn't make a big impact for us (although he did block plenty of shots).

2) The Michalek trade should not be included among Shero's trades when evaluating "how well Shero did to improve the team".

The Michalek trade was not made to improve the team (directly). It was made to clear salary space for the attempt at getting Zach Parise and / or Ryan Suter. Shero was aggressive and did what he needed to in order to give himself a chance to land and keep one of those two very good players from the FA market. Didn't work out so that's too bad but you can't look at the Michalek trade by itself and say "wow what a bust move". The Michalek trade makes no sense except in the context of making room to sign other players and if Shero had no intention of going after Parise or Suter, he would not have traded Michalek in the way he did. It was a salary dump, period.

As it turned out, possibly a smart salary dump given that the cap is not likely to end up anywhere near $70.2M and we've got two marquee players left to sign including our #1D. It might end up being a very fortuitous move.
1.) Long term, yes I agree Michalek wasn't the right fit for a top 4 dman playing 20+ minutes, but overall he was an effective player for the Pens. Worth $4 mil? Probably not, but this hindsight justification saying "Michalek did not fit in here" is non sense IMO. I am a bit biased because I sort of saw myself in Michalek (of course at a much lower level). I think he, like Orpik and Martin, just had a down year. I'm not sure how anyone watching the 2010-2011 Penguins can say Michalek didn't make a big impact.

2.) The Michalek trade absolutely should be among Shero's trades when evaluating "how well Shero did to improve the team" because even though everything you say below it is correct, he still made the move and we still got weaker as a result. Had we signed Suter, then both should be a part of it as well. The difference is I'm willing to give Shero time to make other additions before the playoffs roll around. You don't get freebies as a GM. He made the trade and even if his motive was to use it as a cap dump, he still didn't sign anyone/trade to replace Michalek. So, as it stands, the D got weaker. The catch though is that we, IMO, are good enough to win games while giving our promising prospects time in the NHL. By the deadline, our D could be a lot better than last year (it could also be worse).

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