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Originally Posted by overpass View Post
Do the Mania GMs have any idea why Ed Sanford stopped playing NHL hockey at age 27? It's strange for a player who was supposedly playing at an All-Star level earlier in his career to leave the league at such a young age.

Was it because his all-star performances came against a weak forward group, and he was pushed out by a stronger group of young forwards that was entering the league?

Was it an injury? Poor conditioning?

Or did he just not want to play for Chicago?

A few other young, high scoring forwards from that period had trouble sticking in the NHL into the late 50s. Paul Ronty, Bep Guidolin, Danny Lewicki, Dutch Reibel. Were they unable to keep up as the quality of play rose?
Reibel publicly stated his heart wasn't into it after the trade to Chicago.

My guess is it's a little of everything - Sandford wouldnt be the only player to retire rather than play for the Black Hawks or the Rangers of the era. I would guess it went like this - he was declining somewhat (normal for a forward to decline around 28, especially one who played a rough game), a more talented pool of younger players was taking scoring line jobs, and he didn't see the point of continuing his career as a role player for a bottom feeder for an O6-era paycheck.

Of course, that's just an educated guess. If I have time later, I'll try to find info about his retirement on google archives

There is definitely something to the idea that the quality of play rose quite a bit from the early to mid 50s, but the players who were supplanted tended to be declining anyway - but once they started declining, they were out.

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