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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Reibel publicly stated his heart wasn't into it after the trade to Chicago.

My guess is it's a little of everything - Sandford wouldnt be the only player to retire rather than play for the Black Hawks or the Rangers of the era. I would guess it went like this - he was declining somewhat (normal for a forward to decline around 28, especially one who played a rough game), a more talented pool of younger players was taking scoring line jobs, and he didn't see the point of continuing his career as a role player for a bottom feeder for an O6-era paycheck.

Of course, that's just an educated guess. If I have time later, I'll try to find info about his retirement on google archives

There is definitely something to the idea that the quality of play rose quite a bit from the early to mid 50s, but the players who were supplanted tended to be declining anyway - but once they started declining, they were out.

In the interview with Sandford linked here he states that he retired in 1958 and took a job in Boston. It's not clear what he was doing in 1957, unless he misspoke and meant he retired in 1956.

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