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09-11-2012, 01:49 PM
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Sometimes it does cross my mind what it would be like to have a personality like Don Cherry as the Leafs GM

To recap his comments on the lockout and the Leafs:

-Everyone in the world is greedy. Says that with the revenues the league makes and the average salaries that the players make, he can't believe the two sides couldn't get together and get something done
-Thinks it will last a couple of months - a lot of owners down in the states that don't care about the first couple of months of hockey because bigger competitors (NFL, NBA and MLB) are all going on at that time.
-Says that this could setback a franchise like Florida
-Doesn't know how Fehr gets backing from the older guys who are on their way out as well the grinders who make below league average. Says these are the really two groups that are really hurt from a lockout.

-He doesn't get why they couldn't start earlier (though I get the impression that he thinks it may be the league that delayed the start of negotiations)
-Doesn't see how the Leafs are going to improve from last year especially with the improvements other teams have made
-Thinks that the only redeeming thing about this season would be Reimer because he thinks Carlyle will handle him much better than Wilson did
-Says that Wilson destroyed Reimer's development. Mentions when Reimer first came back from injury, Wilson put his first start against the hottest team in the league (Boston) instead of starting him against a weaker team so that he could gradually get going (though he credits Reimer for playing well in the game against Boston).
-The one thing the Leafs have going is if Reimer bounces back because has has the ability to win games all by himself
-Says that the writing on the wall regarding Gus most likely not coming back, he didn't agree with giving Gus the starts so many times over Reimer. Said that the experience for Reimer could have allowed him to get over it instead of getting bench in favour of Gus every time the team loses while Reimer's in net.
-Basically says that Reimer is the only thing going for the Leafs to make playoffs (no pressure Reimer, lol)
-The interviewer asked with a full camp and season under Carlyle, will the Leafs be better and Don replied 'well they can't be any worse' LOL
-He says that Carlyle needs to be patient with them unlike Wilson who was constantly yelling at them and compared it to whipping a dead horse
-Says that he can't believe Burke isn't going after a big bodied centre but he also acknowledges that they aren't easy to come by

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