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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Basically the issue comes down to objectives. Do you want to simply evaluate players as a stand alone activity, evaluate for a fantasy competition, evaluate for historic research purposes.
The latter is the primary focus but there is no reason why it can’t tie into the former directly.

First and third instances media reports and voting are completely useless. Second instance they contribute to hair-splitting as opposed to defining data. The biggest problem with media voting is that the formats(end of season only, first half/second half etc.) is so variable that coming up with adjustment amongst formats would be a nightmare, value of votes, 1st, 2nd etc is also very variable within the formats.
It’s not really that variable. The first/second half voting style was a relatively small part of history, and the end of season results pass the smell test and do a reasonable job of showing who was performing well over the course of a whole season.

estimated TOI. The estimated part is the rub. Especially when you get into the pre-expansion era, the roster sizes, rules changes, strategies, etc.
Then do better.

And I don't care about pre-expansion TOI estimates because there is no such thing. the data necessary to approximate those figures does not exist.

I would be interested to hear how you think "roster sizes, rules changes, strategies" affect the basic premise that players who are on the ice more often will have more goals for and goals against.

The basic objective should be finding the boxscores as far back as possible and learning how to do the mathematical forensics on the boxscores, the results and schedule.
Be my guest.

Getting the 1st and 2nd assists has been useful so far, as well as a ES/PP/SH breakdown of scoring going back to 1953. Beyond that a penalty breakdown would be useful – who was taking all the obstruction penalties, and who had high PIMs only from good old fisticuffs? And so on.

But hey, we’re all busy people. Right now we’re doing our best with what we have. No one’s stopping you from taking it further.

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