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09-11-2012, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
The smart money? You mean when Henrique is regulated back to the 2nd line/whatever line when Zajac is healthy enough to resume his first line duties? And you still expect him to put up the similar numbers not playing with 2 of the most offensive talents in the league? Who's really the homer.

A lot of people act as if Henrique is going to be this offensive dynamo when there hasn't been any indication of that whatsoever. I know fans love to envision their players as becoming the next diamond in the rough or late bloomer but get real. Sure, he was a great late round pick but you all seem to ignore the fact that he played with two of the best offensive players in the show and only managed "Sam Gagner Numbers". Let's look a bit closer here:

Kovalchuk: 83pts
Parise: 69 pts
Henrique: 51 pts

One of these things is not like the others.

If anything, that just shows how limited Henrique is. Looks like Kovalchuk ran that line and Henrique could barely keep up. Definitely not someone poised to be the offensive juggernaut that's expected of him by some fans.

I take Gagner over Henrique simply because I know what I'm getting from him. Henrique has statistical anomaly written all over him. No one expects Gagner to progress significantly better than where he is now. But with the additions of our very own offensive prodigies I expect his numbers to jump while Henrique's is sure to fall not being on the first line anymore and anyone who bets against that is surely not in the right capacity to be making bets.
Yup, Kovalchuk is a damn PP specialist. 29 PP points in 77 games, NHL top 5.

Henrique... 8 PP pts in 74 games played.

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