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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Perhaps, but that's like saying "I doubt that the Earth will abruptly stop spinning tomorrow, thus flinging us all into space." Normally when such numbers are mentioned with regards to defensemen, they're confirmed to the realm of hyperbole, not rational discussion.

And yes, that's an extreme example, but frankly given that this is prompted by inappropriate use of hyperbolic projections, one can be forgiven for presuming that an even greater unrealistic extreme is necessary to illustrate the point.
If at some point in history a Defenseman in the NHL has achieved such "hyperbolic status" <---(last year) .. Then one would assume to be vague in seeking the comparison of less mundane statistical proofs, for further study in the projection of not what the defenseman will become, but what he will become in the essence of projection analysis. That is why it is only reasonable that the number be included

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