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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Right, forgot about missing the playoffs via shootout. I remember much joy at the Rangers misfortune now that you remind me
You were probably still stinging from Averyís antics. Or was it 1997? Nah, it was probably 1994. :

Out of curiosity, how often did you watch the Islanders those seasons? I thought Streit was easily better overall than Staal at that point, and he certainly stood out more than Martin. Maybe it was a case of a player standing out more because his teammates were crap, but I thought Streit was a huge difference maker - the Islanders actually looked NHL-quality when he was on the ice! And there was a minority opinion around the area that Streit should be a Norris finalist in 2009 - nobody ever said that about Martin
Oh, hell, I would have seen Streit only when he played against the Leafs (4X a year) and when he played in the playoffs (not in 4 years). I would never go out of my way to watch the Islanders play and if I did, I wouldnít admit it.

But that wouldnít make me different from any of us, at least I donít think so.

Anyway, I would say Staal was better in 2010, he was already getting the reputation as one of the most solid defensemen in the NHL, obviously in í09 he was still green but I find it hard to believe Streit would usurp Roszival or Redden, who had for three years been #1/2 defensemen on very strong teams while he had been #5-6 on a very mediocre one.

Martin in 2009 played 3.5 minutes more than anyone else Ė on a 104 point team! Letís not downplay that. In the three seasons prior and the last two (so ignoring an injury-wrecked season) he has earned at least 23 minutes a game, always for teams that earned home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

Itís a big leap to suggest Streit could have anchored the defense corps of their teams just because he anchored that of the Isles, especially when the Montreal coaching staff trusted him with 16 minutes a game over the two previous seasons.

Itís possible he needed the exact situation he walked into on Long Island, to thrive.

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