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09-11-2012, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by IceManCat View Post
They are two different posts, one is aimed at the the poster from Minnesota the other is aimed at the following posts from Canadians saying the same thing. I'm assuming they didn't read what I wrote and just answered the other poster. But thanks for proving my other post about Canadians in this thread
What point is that? That you come across as ignorant by taking personal shots at Canadians?

I quoted the guy who quoted you, but my post was more directed at his inquiry about what kind of defenseman Gudbranson is projected to be. So I gave him my breakdown of what Gudbranson's strengths were and possible comparisons to current NHL players, including a likely projection for his point producing capability.

Just because the 70-80 point quote of yours was discussed, does not mean that my reply was in direct response to what you said in your entire post. So maybe it's you with reading comprehension issues to not be able to realize that my post had branched off into a description of Gudbranson's game for the poster I quoted.

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