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Originally Posted by truck View Post
I didn't have any issues with Gagnon when he played. Like most of our callups, Noel sheltered him heavily and I thought he played pretty well. I definitely didn't think he was the worst guy to suit up for the squad. I would save that title for Kenndel McArdel.

The numbers didn't hate Gagnon either. Obviously numbers in a small sample don't mean much, but Gagnon (statistically) played against slightly tougher opposition than Mach and faired far better better at possesion hockey. An On-Ice Shooting % of zero compared to Mach's 26.3 was the big difference.

The Jets do have a glut of centres, but only Slater is good at faceoffs.

I would favor Mach for the last roster spot, but I am not sold on him. Honestly, I'd rather have Fehr or just about anybody that has proven to do well in tough roles.
Personally I think Mach>Gagnon. Although I agree with both of you, that neither will be a top6 or anything to be super excited about.

Re: face-offs... Yea but what line would either Mach or Gagnon play on. The 4th right?
Slater does quite well on the faceoff dot and Thor will prob be the other winger and he does quite well too (he used to be a centre too). So I'd take Mach over Gagnon there. The NHL data is just too small to compare, I'd only use it to show how Mach was flukey in his pts. Using AHL data I can say I'd bet Mach>Gagnon though.
Little has been above 50% before and I think that with less pressure on him he probably will be again. Burmi has gotten better. Jokinen is always terrible there.

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