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09-11-2012, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by truck View Post
I didn't have any issues with Gagnon when he played. Like most of our callups, Noel sheltered him heavily and I thought he played pretty well. I definitely didn't think he was the worst guy to suit up for the squad. I would save that title for Kenndel McArdel.

The numbers didn't hate Gagnon either. Obviously numbers in a small sample don't mean much, but Gagnon (statistically) played against slightly tougher opposition than Mach and faired far better better at possesion hockey. An On-Ice Shooting % of zero compared to Mach's 26.3 was the big difference.

The Jets do have a glut of centres, but only Slater is good at faceoffs.

I would favor Mach for the last roster spot, but I am not sold on him. Honestly, I'd rather have Fehr or just about anybody that has proven to do well in tough roles.
This advanced stats thing is going too far on these boards, IMO. I thought I loved to stats, but man they are not the end all. Esspecially with 6 games, as you said. Hell did Gagnon even HAVE the puck for more than 5 seconds altogether? How do you get results out of that?

The eye test clearly reveals Gagnon was nowhere close to an NHL player. He could not make any plays, he could barely keep up to the damn play. And that was on top of being sheltered. He was awful in defensive zone coverages, got pushed around, did not make passes he needed too. He worked his ass off, but when you don't have the talent it doesn't matter at the NHL level.

McArdell could at least get after players and throw hits. He had decent enough wheels, and could hit. Nothing else at all, he was clearly nowhere close to NHL calibre either, but helluva lot more than Gagnon ever brought to the table. Do really think weak, slow handed Gagnon is going to be good at faceoffs at the NHL level? Really? Gimme a break.

Machacek is physical, likes to grind, wins board battles, decent getting the puck out (not great), scoring touch (obviously his stats were flukey last year, but has been top 3 on his team in goals the past 4 seasons in AHL), just average skater. He is perfect bottom 6 guy that can fill in in top 6 if needed, IMO. If he is given a real chance to play (Noel is freaking terrible with giving players ACTUAL chances to prove that they can play), he will be a fan favourite and key role player on this team I have no doubt. And Gagnon, if by some stupid miracle for him (not Jets fans), makes the team, he will be hated and derided as completely useless. Quote me on it if you want.

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