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Originally Posted by Philly85 View Post
As far as overall game play compared to NHL 09? Hmm, probably, but not by a whole lot. Very gimmicky game i.e. easy or "cheap" ways to score, forced momentum swings where's its almost as though CPU has picked one team to win and no matter what you do it's impossible to overcome, the bad goals that get scored in the final 5-10 seconds of a period/game, terrible hitting mechanics, a bunch of randomness altogether... Very frustrating series and that hasn't changed much since about 09.

But... overall the game HAS improved and probably NHL 13 is worth buying because of the skating system which has been completely overhauled and is very realistic. Plus it looks like its more difficult to score (though we shall see... especially when it comes to online which will still probably be same ol same ol), with significantly better AI. More in detailed game strategies/systems, better player ratings... I think the way they revamped and overhauled the skating mechanics in itself makes the game worthy of a purchase.
The bolded proves I am not crazy. One of the biggest peeves of this game with me and my friends is it can decide who it wants to win and its game over. Even the player on the winning team will acknowledge as much.

Having someone not in my social circle say it proves were not crazy lol

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