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Originally Posted by Dogpound View Post
I also saw the tryouts and thought max landry was one of the best there. He only let one goal in the whole tryouts so i don't know how you can say that guys out played him. You are obviously an upset parent or kid due to the fact you know who got cut. Don't think there were any cuts until after the jamboree besides the first wave of cuts where anyone that got cut didn't deserve to be there.. When is the last time the flyers took a 15 year old goalie???
Oh where to start. My season won't officially start for another month or so and I'm already sick of it. I think full time retirement is imminent, but then I'd have to be home all day with the wife. First off, why do I have to be a parent to know about the cuts? I was in the fourplex when BELEC shouted out that landry was still there and another goalie got cut and I heard the general consensus of the people around. Real coaches know that parents are not stupid. they are a pain in the ass, but they didn't get their kid to that level by not knowing a thing or two about hockey. there were a lot of shocked people, and I dare say the landry's were included in that. Secondly, if you were there and kept track of goals you would know that during the jamboree, landry got beat from the blue line on a clear shot with no deflections and no traffic that wasn't exactly a laser beam AND from behind the net that got lost in his feet while he just stood there. landry has always had an issue with his eyes and he losses the puck in his feet in a scramble in front of the net. ( i'm not making this up, this is well known.) I can think of two other goalies that stood on their heads, look far more impressive, faced the same number if not more shots and one of those goalies let in NO goals and is sitting home. you or anyone else will have a tough time convincing me that landry is a better goalie than galloway or michaud. I am specifically at these tryouts to evaluate goalies and i've been doing it for a long time. At the end of the day, the two that are going to make it are collette and grandmaison and thats how it should be. I wouldn't say that grandmaison had a great tryout, but I think at this point he is the right backup to collette if collette decides to stay with the team. there is a reason that landry wasn't invited to the U16 tryouts, because gautier had no say in it. go back and read my post from the start of the camp; you'll see I mentioned that gautier was coming in as goalie coach and it would be beneficial to landry. Since i clearly can't see the future I relied on two things; John Alexander being a pain in the ass and pushing his goalies to raise his program (much the same as Charlie would do I'm sure if he was given the chance) and the person who initially told me that gautier was taking the team while the newspaper was reporting it was cooling. He flat out told me that gautier told him that landry would have a good camp and go far. now that doesn't seem like much normally, but weeks before camp starts my friend is telling me that the impression he got from what gautier said was that landry was going to go far in the camp come hell or high water. I noticed my good buddy john alexander there during all the tryouts and I know he had input with gautier because I saw them talking about the goalies after the ice times. Don't get me wrong, John and I are actually friends to a certain extent, but he went into business to make money and make a mark and promote his goalies. I've had enough talks with him to know that promoting "his" goalies brings in more goalies to his program. My issue here is that I think it was a blatant move on gautier's/alexander's part. Maybe it bothers me so much because I was told it was going to happen and I didn't believe it. Now, the last thing I am going to say is that this blog is fairly useless for getting any information out in relation to the top 1997 players and anytime a person reads something they don't like they accuse someone of being an angry parent. i've said it here before, if this blog wants to be taken seriously, they need to limit it to people who can actually show their bonafide credentials as a coach or a scout. by opening it up to anyone you get idiots who just want to express an opinion on who's the best but not have the requisite knowledge to know why that person is the best. For my part, I'll put my scouting card out there for anyone to see. This will be the last time I post on this blog and i think i'll just stick with dealing with my colleagues who actually know a thing or two about who to watch and who is going somewhere. here's a hint though for you budding scouts in the stands, you often miss the little things that make a player great and focus on the flashy stuff. the greatest goaltenders are the ones that are the quintessential leaders on a team, not just on the team to play. my pick; buy stock in galloway. I haven't seen anything like him in years. he controls the ice when he's on it. he may fade yet, but I can't see it. he has an awful lot of compete in him. good riddance HF Boards. don't bother replying. i won't read it anyway.

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