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Originally Posted by ck26 View Post
The FFP "rules" have so many loopholes, I fear the only teams that will get caught up by it are those who don't have world-class accountants to manage them. This first list of teams does not inspire confidence that FFP will do what the average fan wants it to do ...
And there's also always a chance down the years that one club (not playing in UEFA competitions at that time) with a rich owner decides to make a huge splash trying to buy the domestic title and disregard the FFP rules in their attempt.

Offering huge transfer fees for clubs (maybe meeting release clauses) and offering contracts which multiply players' previous salaries. They wouldn't care whether they were allowed to play in Europe the next season. They'd just want to win the domestic title first, and then deal with whatever follows in future years.

Let's say a traditional big club hasn't made it to any UEFA competition for 5 or 6 years and hasn't won the domestic league title for a decade or two either. And then they go for the above described route. What are the other (top) clubs bound by FFP rules going to do in that league? Just watch idly by, helpless to compete financially with the new biggest spenders?

If the FFP rules as they currently stand (e.g. UEFA not being able to impose even Europe-wide legally binding transfer bans, let alone global transfer bans) were still the same at that time, then there's little chance of preventing some club going on a huge spending spree. Of course the domestic leagues could come up with similar FFP rules of their own, but it remains to be seen if all the leagues in Europe are willing too do just that.

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