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XBOX Pens HF Board GMC, Check Post #132

(Space Reserved for the League Artwork)

With the official release of EA Sports NHL 13, we're formally launching our boards league, Pens HF Board. My name is Monty and I'll be overseeing things. Use the following thread to discuss things around the league, propose and engage in trade talks, schedule matches against upcoming opponents, etc.. Please refer to the bottom of this post frequently, as it will constantly be updated with league news.

NHL Schedule Period: 3 Days
Allow Simming of Games: Yes
Allow Join Request: Yes
Skill Level: Pro
Game Style: Current
Period Length: 5 Minutes
Offsides: Delayed
Icing: On
Penalties: On
Post Whistle Rules: Authentic
Penalty Time Scaling: On
Fighting: On
Season Tie Break: 5 Minutes (4 on 4) then Shootout
CPU Trading: Off
Waivers: On
Max. Users per Team per Game: 6

After you join the league, I strongly suggest that you head down to My NHL 13 on the main menu. From their, go to Customize AI, then build your AI. Once you've finished that, head back into our league and press start. Next, go down to GM Options, then to Upload a Build Your AI File. This will help your team get to their game, quicker, especially when you're simming a game.

Since the previous owners have shown no desire since launch to sign up for the league we are currently accepting GM's for the three teams listed below. First come, first serve.

Open Roster Spots:

Anaheim -
Florida -
Minnesota -

If you've decided to make a trade and you finalized it in the previous thread, you can find it below posted as a reminder. I'll remove them once they've officially gone through in the game.

Pending Trades:

Originally Posted by BigBenSF View Post

Scott Hartnell

Brian Boyle
Dylan McIlrath
Phoenix 2013 Second Round Pick
New York 2013 Second Round Pick
Originally Posted by BigBenSF View Post

Bobby Ryan

Dan Girardi
Stu Bickel
Chris Kreider

Originally Posted by BigBenSF View Post

Nashville 2013 1st Round Pick
F Christian Thomas

D Jay Bouwmeester
League News

Updated 9/12: DO NOT PLAY ANY GAMES UNTIL ALL GMS ARE REGISTERED! Once everyone is registered, we will discuss our next move, as far as how long we want the schedule to be and when we want to start making our trades.

To kick this thread off right, I want each user to post a thread that tells their lineup, their trading block wants and demands, along with a few of your top prospects that aren't untouchable. This next step is VERY important though, because if we take the time to actually nerd it up and handle the details now, it'll make things easier. Make sure that we each post our teams lineups, etc., in alphabetical order, so we can easily find each team when we're looking to explore trades/scout/etc.. So this means that Anaheim (Dylan6866) should post their roster first and Washington (Tafkak) last, just to spell it out lol. Then, if you're looking to make a trade with Chicago, you can come to this thread and refer to post 7, (since this post will be number one), or the 16th if you're interested in Nashville, etc.. You get the point. A mod can hopefully delete all the post inbetween to clean things up and assure each post is where it belongs. Thanks.

Updated 9/14: So, as of today, we have 7 people that've yet to register in the league. I currently have 6 people that've sent request to GM teams, but they're not the users posted in this thread. However, we can't sit around and wait to begin things forever, so I think it's only fair the remaining GM's that've yet to sign up have until Sunday night to sign up, or we'll allow new players to replace them due to inactivity. This gives everyone plenty of time to take the few minutes needed to sign up and if you haven't done it by then, it just shows you're really not that interested. So, with the 7 remaining teams available, which you can see above, I'm opening signups on a first come, first serve basis. If you're interested, post the team you'd like to have, send a request on the game and as long as the original owner doesn't sign up by Sunday night, the team will be yours. Thanks.

* - Subject to change lol

Previous Thread (Sign Ups):

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