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09-11-2012, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by IceManCat View Post
Did you or did you not? open your statement with

"Yeah, I'd say 70+ points is unrealistic, even if it's a career year."

Is this not discussing the Gudbranson will never hit 80 pts in a season dialogue?

If it is? and it sure seems like it.. then you are in line with the others I was referring too.

if you feel like were discussing something else I don't know what that would be? then I guess what I said doesn't apply to you..
What part of this is hard for you to comprehend?

I responded to that guy, and part of his post mentioned 70-80 points. So I was responding to him saying that yes, I believe 70-80 points isn't realistic, and then went on to explain to him what I believed was a more realistic projection for Gudbranson's upside based on the strengths in Gudbranson's game.

That was the full extent of my post touching on anything you may or may not have said in your post. Yet you seem to think that my post was directed at you in some sort of "lol that dude's nuts if he thinks Gudbranson can reach those totals".

It wasn't related to your post other than to touch on that part of his post to agree that that kind of high point production is highly unlikely for Gudbranson, then I moved on to the main point of my post, which was discussing my thoughts on Gudbranson as a whole.

Or to sum up in plain English, my post was directed at what was said in the post I quoted, not at your post. Do you understand now?

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