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09-11-2012, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by joffreyLUUPUL View Post
i don't really know what team we could beat that made the playoffs last year we straight up can't

lakers would eat us alive
okc would destroy us
clippers will just dunk all over us
grizzlies defense and grit ain't no match for us
mavs lol okay maybe the mavs but dirk could bully barg any day
nuggets will probably beat us
blazers aldridge batum and lillard will be deadly

whos on kobe? derozan
whos on dwight? jonas
whos on gasol? barg
whos on durant? landry fields??

miami, boston, brooklyn,76ers, chicago, indiana, atlanta are all capable of beating us

the only team we can win against is orlando and i'm not talking about close victories for them i'm talking blow outs

we're still a young rebuilding team we're not making the playoffs this year end of discussion teams have just gotten better, stronger don't get me wrong we have a bright future but we don't stand a chance vs the top tier teams in the league
Those teams in the west aren't relevant to the discussion of the playoffs for the Raptors. Besides, those are some of the best players in the league. If you apply that same set of questions to any other NBA squad, chances are it'll look just as bad.

and you also only named 7 teams in the East that are "capable of beating us". That's still enough for us to qualify for the 8th spot, which is still making the playoffs (and is realistically what most people are talking about when they talk about the team potentially challenging for a spot. Plus this is a good defensive squad, and as a unit they can potentially hold down some good scoring teams to have a shot to win on occasion. They did it a few times last year with worse personnel than the 12-13 Raptors will have. If they can repeat that performance, they'll be able to turn some of those close losses into wins.

Originally Posted by joffreyLUUPUL View Post
don't get excited about mcguire there's a reason why he never got any pt at gsw.
Not getting excited. He's likely going to sit on the bench and only get minutes late when the team is winning and they need to shut down the opposition with no concern for the fact that McGuire has zero offence. Or he'll be a healthy scratch behind Fields/Kleiza and whatever SF minutes they give DeRozan/Ross/Anderson. All I was doing was noting that he was just about signed and what he potentially brings to the table.


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