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09-12-2012, 02:45 AM
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Originally Posted by R0bert0 Lu0ng0 View Post
Can I get some input on the best and most reliable ISPs in the Montreal area?

Looks like you guys have Telus, Rogers and Bell as well as Videotron; is that pretty much it? Any particular praise or horror stories with any of these or other ISPs?
If you're on a budget Acnac or TekSavvy[I heard good things about Cobaltnet/Radioactif as well] if you aren't on one Videotron (and I hate them so for me to recommend them means a lot). Videotron is a non profit organization compared to Bell their prices are outrageous (unless you bundle but who wants a home line in 2012-2013?). Bell also throttles like crazy so if you plan on playing online video games or streaming stay away from Bell it might not be noticeable to the average 20GB a month person but for a power user it's a nightmare. Videotron also throttles ("smart packet management to allow effecient use of data (BS) what this really means is they don't want the torrent downloaders to overtax their servers). However once you've gone over the fact that the bigger players in Quebec are evil , you will realize that you still need internet. Videotron would be your best bet for true(ish) speeds and higher download capacity(but still capped vs smaller companies that might not cap). It also depends where you live certain services aren't available everywhere or if you're in a condo/appartment they may already have an exclusive deal with one of the above mentioned companies.

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