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09-12-2012, 02:30 AM
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Originally Posted by truck View Post
I said the numbers meant nothing, so I am not sure how that is taking things too far?

As for the eye test, your eye test isn't final and is no way more or less valid than a small sample of data. I didn't think Gagnon played that poorly, per my own eye test. I thought the main difference was puck luck. The both generated about a shot per game. Neither guy blew me away.

I also said I like Mach better.

My point was that none of them are anything special and to me and claims that management would be a complete failure for picking one over the other is a little dramatic. Guess what, they did call up Gagnon at one point last year. He played seven games. It really doesn't mean anything and it didn't mean Chevy can't evaluate talent.

As for McArdel, he wasn't good enough to stick with a bad Florida team or a very shallow Jets team last year. I love his speed and his ability to hit, but he is kinda bad at hockey. He was also born in 87. There isn't much room for growth there.

Mach > Gag > Ken but I don't give a darn who gets called up first. I don't see anything all that special in any of them. Again, I do think Mach has slightly more upside, but Chevy isn't a failure if he brings up Gagnon because he is more useful on the PK.
Saying the difference between Machacek and Gagnon is puck luck is like saying the difference between Ryan (204 shots, 15.2%, 31g) and Chimera (205 shots, 9.8%, 20g) is just puck luck, IMO. Completely different players, completely different skill levels.

If McArdle is bad at hockey at the NHL level (which he is) what the hell is Gagnon who played at best a similiar 3rd line role in St. John's? Gagnon is small. He is slow. He has no hands. He cannot hit. He is average to bad defensively. He does not have a great shot or vision. He works his ass off every play. What the hell does he add to any roster?

Now Gagnon is more useful on the PK? Where did this come from? How is Gagnon anymore useful on the PK than Machacek?

I don't care about the call-up, even though I still think it was stupid, it was very limited and the realized their mistake soon after and recalled Machacek instead. I am talking about making the main roster, being there all year. Gagnon has an 86 birthday, he is not getting any better either.

And it is not just my eye test. It seems like most here agree, (let's ignore Machacek for a second), Gagnon is just nowhere close to being an NHL player. He is 3rd/4th line AHL depth. That's fine to have in the organization. Just don't make him an NHLer since they stupidly signed him to a one-way contract.

If you could not see the massive difference (IMO) between the effectiveness of Machacek and Gagnon at making an impact in a game (and I am not talking about the lucky stats of Machacek despite the fact that they had to come from somewhere), well me and you are just too many miles apart on this to ever come within a continent of each other.

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