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Originally Posted by Chimaera View Post
The investment it would take to take a club to the top of any of the top four leagues is so prohibitive and dicey in possible result where unless someone just doesn't care about lighting 300+ million on fire, that it's a remote possibility.
Any of the top four, yes, but the champions of Estonia and Bosnia and Montenegro have a path to Europe too. The acceptable losses + underwrite-able losses mean that if a benefactor cuts the club a check for 20-30m Euros a year, he can do pretty much whatever he wants at that price. It wouldn't take many years of that to completely swallow up every league except the Prem, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A. If willing to throw away 20m a couple years (smartly), CSKA Sofia or a Lokomotiv Plovdiv could dominate the Bulgarian League at will, and the increased UEFA revenue alone will make up the difference.
Originally Posted by Chimaera View Post
Also at this stage winning the CL is the premier event that the egomaniac owners with that type of cash would want.
Yes and no. Silvio Berlusconi wants to win the Champions League as a means to an end to political office in Italy; he has used AC Milan as a tool for popular support. Certain clubs and countries (Barcelona in Spain, Hajduk Split in Croatia) have a political / demographic factor that makes them attractive for other reasons than simple revenue and trophies.
Originally Posted by Chimaera View Post
They also could invest in anything they want, turn a profit and help balance the books. They can buy supermarkets and then turn revenue over from what it seems
On some level this is true, but the details of what does and doesn't count as "club revenue" can be dicey, and a number of expenses fall under the umbrella of "community and infrastructure development" and can be ignored ... hence, the accountant thing.

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