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Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
How do Jo and Lovell look ?

How has Alcade fit in ?
Maybe it was the two or five beer I misplaced during the game, but I thought Drouin looked a little bigger and more solid.

I think the 2012 Lovell ate the 2011 Lovell...he's much bigger and physical. He got caught out of position skating around looking for people to hit which I think led to a goal but I think he will be a nice 6-7-8 D-man. He had a hit in the 3rd which impressed me and I can't wait to talk to the kid to ask him if set it up the way I saw it because if he did...he even be a little more clever than I thought.

Alcade looks solid and although he didn't land any highlight reel hits he could be the best checking Moose have had in the last 4-5 years.

Which leads to another comment/discussion. In the last few years, the Moose haven't had a player who can combine the three things I think it takes to make a punishing forechecker 1) size 2) speed 3) finishing. For example, Cuzner had speed but not enough size to really punish a guy (without being greasy).

Some guys have size and decent speed but can't quite line up an opponent and stay with him to finish the check well.

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