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09-12-2012, 09:41 AM
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Working on my shot, what should be my priorities?

My husband built me a nice little shooting area in the backyard - shooting pad, chicken wire to stop any pucks from hitting things on either side of the goal, and a little soccer goal to aim at. It's smaller than a hockey goal, so I figure if I'm able to hit it accurately, it should be easier to hit the hockey one!

My goal is 100 shots per day. I've been working on my wrist shot mostly since that is the one I'm weakest on. I can't get it to lift at all, and I don't have a lot of power behind it.

I did 90 wristers yesterday and found that as I went on, I got progressively more accurate. Towards the end, I was getting 10/10 to go in the net, while earlier it was more like 6/10. I did 20 slapshots and about 14 of those went in the net.

So I've got three goals: accuracy, lift, power. Accuracy seems to be the easiest one to improve at first; I really took the time to note the relation between where my stick ended up pointing and where the puck ended up. (Not that it was a huge mystery, but I never really stopped after my shots to compare the two).

For lift and power - are these things that will likely develop as I get stronger? Or are there specific things I should be doing to build these up?

I've watched tons of videos and I have the whole thing in my head - in theory. But when I get into practice, putting it all together is not happening. I can get the flex OR the accuracy. Or I can get the wrist snap but not the flex. As soon as I focus on one thing, the others go out the window. So I'm thinking maybe the way to go about it is to do one thing enough times that it becomes muscle memory, then add the next thing - so get the flex down, and then once I don't have to think about it any more, start adding the other parts.

Is there a progression of drills I could be doing to make this work efficiently? Should I be trying to do everything right at the same time, or is it better to just focus on separate portions of the shot?

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