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09-12-2012, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
You find it hard to believe Streit would usurp Wade Redden, who was sent to the minors the following season?
In 2009 (which I was referring to), yes. In 2010, maybe not, as he was in a steep decline.

Also, we all know Redden would be in the NHL if his salary more closely matched his performance, so saying he was sent to the minors as evidence he wasn't very good isn't the whole truth.

Are you seriously lecturing me on how the 2008-09 Devils operated? I'm well aware of Paul Martin's importance to that team; he was the only defenseman on the team who didn't handle the puck like a grenade, so he was extremely valuable. But as an overall performer, I don't see him as any better than the 2011-12 version of Andy Green.
I'm not sure why you took that as a "lecture" but in any case I'm inclined to believe you when you talk about the Devils. However, Martin went to a team that has been, overall, about as good, but with many more "name" defensemen on its roster (Letang, Orpik, Michalek, and he has continued to be just as relied on as he was in NJ.

It's possible he could only thrive on the Islanders. It's also possible that the Montreal coaching staff had a deep defense and was reluctant to trust a small European who had spent his entire career on the big ice surface with major minutes.
- I don't think it's possible Montreal had a deep defense. We can see who was there. It was, at best, average.
- And yes, it is possible that his level of talent and play merited more time than he got, but it is difficult to prove that, and typically when a player deserves more time he gets it pretty quickly. (the other way around, when their play shows them to deserve less time, doesn't always happen as fast)

I'm really surprised by this fairly widespread view that Streit was nothing more than an offensive defenseman on a bad team. Stats aside (+5 on a team that was -79 in 2008-09), did nobody watch the Switzerland vs Canada and Switzerland vs USA games in the 2010 Olympics?
can't say I would have watched the USA game, but the Canada game, definitely. I don't recall much of it though, and I'd be hesitant to conclude much based on one game.

You can see why I say he's one of the most difficult players of all-time to judge.

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