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12-05-2003, 07:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Buddhaful
Hey, Santa's comin' so start booing!
You know, I supported you until this last bit. Hell, if you'd waited another 5 minutes, you'd have seen me pointing the championship the D-Backs won out. But instead, you have to bring up one of my biggest pet peeves with every other non-Philly sports fan, and that's this stupid Santa Claus crap. Do people realize it's been 35+ years since that incident? Why does this have to keep coming up? I heard it on the news here in Boston last night, some jacka$$ they were interviewing about the Sox hiring Terry Francona brought it up. Folks, get the fsck over it. That happened long ago, at Franklin Field, no less! We're talking three freaking football stadiums ago. Why will this not die? Like no other city has ever done something bad at a sports event. Let's se...In Chicago, they jump refs on the field in baseball games. That hasn't ever happened in Philly. In New York, it appears the Yankees can't have a playoff series without one of their fans being a moron and interefering in at least one play. Not to mention the snowballs they throw, etc. at Giants games (well, it may have only happened once, but that certainly hasn't stopped people from endlessly reminding us of this incident!). Cleveland had the beer bottles being tossed onto the field at a Browns game. But no, all it ever is about is how Philly fans are the worst. I'm so sick of hearing about this. Get up to date, and b!tch about something a little more recent. Say, in my lifetime? I'm 26 years old. That should give you SOMETHING to go on, I'm sure. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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