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09-12-2012, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
If you read my post prior to this one, you'd see I did give him a little credit. I pegged it at about 10% or so. My point is some people on here make it sounds like DT should get almost the same amount of praise as DL becuse he drafted Kopitarf, Quick and Brown. As I said before, I'll give him some level of credit for this, but not a great amount. He had almost nothing to do with the development of both Kopitar and Quick, and it can be argued he did as much harm as good by rushing Brown into the NHL.

As for giving DT credit for his picks DL used to acquire pieces for the current SC squad, I counter by asking, should we give him credit for bringing in those picks/pieces for DL to use, or should we critize him for not bringing in more/better assests in the first place? Whether or not the Kings were a priority, DT didn't bring in enough talent to compete in the NHL. The Kings weren't a bottom of the barrel payroll team and had enough salary space to at the very least ice a playoff team. DT didn't most seasons, hence one of the reasons he was fired. I think DT didn't bring enough talent in, nevermind applauding him for what he did acquire.
Why not? DL gets credit for picks/players Doug Wilson traded away in SJ for Thornton, Heatley, etc.

You can throw DT under the bus all you want, but the bottom line was, he had a limited budget & had to bring in dumpster players to fill roster spots. Maybe if he was given some financial flexibilty, he could have retained players such as Robitaille & Boucher & let Brown develop in Guelph & Manchester. But, AEG/TL didn't want to pay them their market value & cried poverty. This led to a revolt from the fans. AEG tried proving it by opening the books to Piston. It was distraction from the real truth. They didn't want to compete for a Cup until there was a cap in place. That was the truth.

Now, I agree that DL is far more superior when it comes to drafting & developing players. As Mr. Utah said, he focused more on drafting, acquiring & signing character players. Something DT didn't really do.

It's not secret that I am DT fan & supporter. I think he got a raw deal, imo.

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