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The Ordinary Gentleman are looking for club members!

This is NHL 13 for ps3. Although not required, it would be nice if you had Skype. We rarely use the chat function as it gets choppy in game. Skype is preferred.

Hello fellow oiler fans, my Eashl hockey team is looking for club members. I figured this would be as good a place as any to try and find some new team mates.

First off, a bit about myself, I'm a rabid Nhl series fan, I've owned every title since 1999. Even the bad ones (06 cough) I play the HECK out of these games. I was amazed when they released the skill stick and it's still such a robust system. I've been playing club games with my mate for 3 years now (since it was announced) and its been some of the most fun I've ever had playing online. You can't question my passion. We've always been a solid duo with some comers and goers, but nothing really solid. Last year we were in the top 10 for about 3 months. When I got off of medical leave we just couldnt keep up the pace and eventually settled in the top 100 for most of the year.

Well we're back and hungrier than ever. Our current record is 16-7-0 which is not entirely accurate due to two overtime losses that registered as regulation for some reason and one very unfair disconnect (my neighbors kid unplugged the router... We were up 4-1)

My stats are as follows (my mates are almost identical)
21 games played
16 goals
16 assists

We play a very fast but defensive game, we get a lot of our goals off of the rush and rebounds. We are both very solid playmakers and both solid on defense (I started out as a defenseman, I can easily switch if needed) we can and will set you up if you're open and we will bury your passes.

We are currently looking for the following:
Left defenseman
Right defenseman

Must be solid defensively and not afraid to make a play.

I am available to play everyday except Wednesday and Sunday. I usually play from 5 pm to around 10-12 pm depending.

Thanks for your time. If you have any questions please ask.

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