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05-04-2006, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan
He's already 28 now, so yeah, summer of 2007 he's a UFA. No wonder he wants to start. I know some of you want to keep him as insurance, which is perfectly logical, but the last thing the Habs need is an unhappy goalie hurting team chemistry.

I wouldn't mind hearing this conversation...

''Gainey: Hello Mike Barnett? This is Bob Gainey of the Montreal Canadiens.

Barnett: Hey Bob. How's it going?

Gainey: Good. Ya know, Cujo is getting old and had a tough 2nd half...Leneveu is probably not ready...interested in Aebischer?

Barnett: Continue...

Gainey: Once we sign Huet, Aebischer is going to be available since he wants to be a #1 goalie. This is a 28 year old goalie in his prime who completely robbed the best team in the East (Ottawa) 2 times late in the season in MUST WIN GAMES! He'll make a great Coyote.

Barnett: What is the offer Bob...

Gainey: The 16th pick and Aebischer for the 8th pick.

Barnett: Sounds good to me. Deal.''

Sounds good to me !!!
Unless he calls George McPhee and get the 4th pick ... Well may be in my dreams !
So if we get the Yotes pick... who do we draft at # 8 ?

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