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09-12-2012, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by NaiveLeafsFan View Post

Nah, there's no difference. If he's waiver eligible it doesn't matter what kind of contract he has. The contract just dictates what kind of money he makes at either level.

Also of note, not sure if some of you follow GoalieGuild's twitter account but their lead guy thinks Scrivens has more potential than Reimer. If I can find an article on it when I get home I'll link it.
I could definitely see why someone would argue that as I have argued it myself at times. Both goalies have some pros and cons to their games and it's difficult to say if either will reach the number 1 status we hope for.

From what I have seen so far, Scrivens has better athletic ability and quickness compared to Reimer, which allows him to make some big saves that I don't think Reimer could make. He also is a lot better at playing the puck and if he can work on this even more that could be a huge asset. A problem i've noticed with him though is he doesn't seem is focussed as Reimer. Sometimes he makes some bad decisions with the puck that leads to goals or dangerous situations. For example in a game against Phoenix in overtime when he played the puck when he should have covered it and it lead to the Coyotes putting on a lot of pressure in our zone. He also seems to be pretty inconsistent at the NHL level, but that was a small sample size so hopefully he can fix that.

Reimer has an excellent mental game. He doesn't let a bad goal or bad game bother him and is always very positive. You can tell that he still hates losing, which is good, but he just seems to get over it faster than others and move on. As I mentioned above he doesn't appear to have the athletic ability or quickness to make some crazy saves that Scrivens made, but instead relies more on strong positioning and using his big body. This method can definitely work if he masters it, and Allaire is a great coach to have for that aspect.

I think the lack of focus and consistency I see in Scrivens game would be an easier fix than Reimer's issues of less quickness and athletic ability, but there are no guarantees with either. Lets just hope that at least one of them turns into a true NHL starter.

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