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09-12-2012, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Le Tricolore View Post
No they don't. I'm constantly getting the connection I pay for on torrents at all hours of the day. Downloading at around 1.8 MB/s, when I'm paying for a 15Mbit connection... I had double that speed on my 30Mbit connection with Videotron. So...
They throttle 100% , I use throttle monitoring software it happens during peak hours and during high file download and I have Bell 175 Mbps...

Also using manual configuration in linux I've monitored packet speed and it does fluctuate during heavy downloading which shouldn't happen if your network is clean.
They won't admit to throttling as they call it necessary to run their business and "maintain their network" :

They promised to stop throttling , but are we honestly surprised that a big corporation fudged the rules in order to save money by not having to invest as much in infrastructure
and just develop "smart software".

I don't mean to be cocky but this is my field of expertise B.Eng H/W , ccna , ccnp , A+ , A+ Networking , Microsoft certified ethical hacker.

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