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09-12-2012, 11:47 AM
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Name: Mariusz Czerkawski
Age: 16
Hometown: Warsaw, Poland
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 180lbs
Number: 17
Team: Kitchener Rangers
Player Type: Offensive Defenseman

Back Story: Nephew to former Polish NHL player Mariusz "The Polish Gretzky" Czerkawski, this Czerkawski has started to make a name for himself. The Rangers stumbled upon him while they were searching for prospects in Russia and Sweden. During a lay over in Warsaw they decided to watch some hockey where they saw Mariusz Czerkawski play in a junior game. They were stunned that this 16 year old was already playing with players at least 2 years older then him. They continued their trip but made sure to come back where they watched him again. "He was absolutely dominating everyone," says one Kitchener scout.

They decided to keep in touch with him but managed to keep him quiet, a nice gem or surprise for the upcoming import draft. The Rangers surprised everyone, including the most noted scouts with their pick of this young Polish defenseman. Many critics are thinking Kitchener has made a big mistake, commenting on how Poland doesn't have the hockey program to turn out the player the Rangers think they have.

Stat Line
GP: 8
Pairing: 3rd Defensive Pairing

Difficulty: All-Star

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