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09-12-2012, 12:06 PM
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Today I am trying to find a rec league league to play in for when October rolls around. Hardest part I think is finding what level I should be playing at. One of the leagues I was looking at is a co-ed Friday night rookie league. Its less expensive then the other leagues which is good cause I'm in college.

My only concern is will it be too easy for me? I emailed someone in charge and they sent me this:

The Friday Night Rookie League is for beginner and intermediate adults looking to join a fun league with an emphasis on improving and developing skill. Most players that join the league are usually newer to the game of hockey or have not played any hockey for a while. Some players are stronger then others most of the time they are pretty good about sharing the puck and helping others improve their game. If a player is to strong for the league and begins to take things to serious I usually have a word with this player and things usually straighten themselves out. If you have any other questions please let me know. Thanks
I've played about 8 rec/pick-up hockey games as a fill in goalie in the past two years. Unfortunately that doesn't mean much because over the summer I played three games and after the first game the players asked me what other leagues I was playing in. When I told them this was my first time in about 3 months back on skates and in goalie equipment they were shocked or surprised. Maybe it means nothing though.

I may be over thinking this whole thing but it would be nice for some other opinions. Looking at the email I see that there will be some above average players and I am just looking for fun, plus the cost is better so I am leaning towards it.

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