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09-12-2012, 01:17 PM
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Wow, so much hate for Bertrand Raymond... I'm not a fan of his but here, he's just doing his journalist job by giving a new information to the public based on sources.

Originally Posted by domdo345 View Post
Exactly. The Flyers probably talked to NYR about MDZ and WASH about Carlson. I hate how Bertrand Raymond always try to be the know it all pessimist. Plus, the way that jackass right his articles, he'll need to name his source(s) before I believe him. God. He just write in a way that he puts his opinions as facts. Why does every texts he writes has to be the front page of Moron.
I have a few questions for you :

1- Do you have sources that are telling you that the Flyers have talked to NYR about Del Zotto or to Washington about Carlson? Or if this is just speculation? Raymond article is not about speculation, but about facts.

2- You say he'll need to "name his sources". Are you kidding? Are you aware that rule number 1 of good journalism is to protect your sources and never to reveal their name? Some journalists have gone to jail just to protect their sources (and their credibility as journalists).

3- His text is on the front page of because it was the main news they had at that particular hour. And "exclusive news" are usually put on the front page in news websites and newspapers. What's wrong with that? If you criticize RDS for giving that news, then I suppose you will also criticize HF Boards moderators to leave a thread open about it? And I suppose you will also ignore that thread, right? Or else it would give too much importance to what is not a news for you...

This is not a thread about Raymond (for once, he has something legit). This is a thread about the fact that Flyers and Habs had talks about Subban. The same information would come from McKenzie or Dreger and the same "fans" would be all crazy about it. So much hate and so many insults here again, and it makes the Habs board so annoying to read as usual...

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