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09-12-2012, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Go with a reseller. Giving Videotron or Bell more of your money is not a good idea.
Is that strictly based on "these guys are evil" (which frankly I'm not too concerned about - unless we are talking about Telus )?

Do these resellers also offer cable and home phone service or are they generally just internet?

Originally Posted by Avim86 View Post
Agreed , service will be similar , just don't expect the best customer support from Acanac/Radioactif. However if you're a do it yourself kind of person you'll be fine , basicly most employees in these companies are trained to tell you to unplug your modem/router , hard reset your hardware or disable/enable your network card.
Originally Posted by overlords View Post
I've found that acanac customer support and especially teksavvy support > bell and videotron. Pretty easily, even, especially compared to Bell.

I used to do a ton of customer satisfaction with Bell. Some of the things I've heard ...
I'm not too worried about customer service; that being said my experience out west is that outages are extremely rare and anything happening on my side of the wall is something I can resolve just by rebooting hardware or correcting my router configuration. If things are different in Quebec and chronic outages are a reality with some or all ISPs then it would be a consideration for me, certainly.

(I guess part of me is also worried that a smaller provider is likelier to be some fly by night operation that I'll have a hard time getting answers out of if there's a legitimate outage.)

Is it your experience that uptime is pretty well similar across all providers?

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