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09-12-2012, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by JPurp26 View Post
Vancouver prospect, what do you expect?

Better gameplay so far, skating is much improved.
No, that really has to be the reason why.
He becomes a first line forward with an overall of almost 90 for most after one season.

Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
Nope, you can only play against your own console online. It's a bit ridiculous if you think about it, but that's how it is.

Skating is much more realistic and it's very hard to catch someone with an open ice hit. Also, if you make a mistake on defense you will not be able to recover quickly. The give and take with stick and pucks during poke check attempts or puck battles is much more dynamic and realistic as well.
That is pretty ridiculous, but it's exactly what I expected after reading things about it.
I'll probably just stay offline and give HUT a try since I figured out that it can be offline too.

The skating is a huge aspect of it IMO and makes the game come together better.
It doesn't feel as rigid anymore and a lot of the crap that you could exploit has been eliminated because of it.
Unfortunately, the hits are not doing it for me as they are either completely useless or a huge hit and there's no middle ground.
The weight of the puck is much better since poke checks are actually useful now, but it could use a bit more weight.
I find that it's a bit too bouncy and it takes unrealistic hops, especially off of players, and magically finds the back of the net.
Perhaps more advanced physics are the bigger issue, as the puck should deaden more when it hits a player.

Originally Posted by michaelsaas View Post
Doing BAP now as LW TWF on the Remparts with Grigs and Roy
Does anyone else think Grigs potential is low? I think it was only 3 stars which if I understand correctly projects him in the high 70s?
If anyone ends up creating Girgs and wants to share the info hear I'd love to see (or any other unlisted Sabres prospect for that matter).
He seems to have one of the higher overall ratings, but the potential is terrible.
Must be because he's 20.

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