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09-12-2012, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
So I've had NHL 13 for a day and I hate it. Tried some sort of keeper-roster setup which took hours on my GM Connected league, which I had pitched to my league back in May, and it failed miserably. We've resorted to Regular rosters. Tried a couple of the remaking history challenges, and failed at them all 3 times. Then I finally played a couple normal games in regular Be A GM, losing 1-0 to the computer on Pro, and then losing 3-0 (before shutting my system off and launching my controller across the room) to a preseason roster. Still on Pro. I usually put up double digit goals against Pro level AIs.

Successful GM plans - 0
Challenge mode - 0/3
Wins - 0
Goals - 0
Controllers thrown - 1

I guess it can only get better from here..........right?
This sounds like me trying to Be A Pro goalie in NHL 12. I realized it was utterly hopeless when I created a guy with all 99s, and still got sniped to pieces by AHL players. "Oh, is that a hole exactly the size of the puck? Yes, it is. Please watch while I and all my teammates take turns threading shots through it."

It's ridiculous that online goalie in that game is far easier than offline.

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