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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
A couple of disagreements stick out when i read 70s comparisons

•Unless I'm missing something about Chamberlain, I think Axelsson's defense is better established. Chamberlain is definitely better overall though
I know that subjectively comparing two players defensively from this far apart can be guesswork. In the end, Chamberlain's role on what was called the NHL's best checking line did it for me. Axelsson, right or wrong, was a bit more of a "face in the crowd".

•Gibbs is better overall than Magnusson (look, I praised Gibbs!), but Magnusson was a defensive specialist, so can you really say Gibbs was better strictly defensively?
You're coming around!

I admit, it took me about 20 seconds to realize you meant Ragnarsson... I was like, "what does Magnuson have to do with this??"

I think that yes, you can say that Gibbs was better strictly defensively. If you look at the defensive "heights" he reached (anchoring top-5 defense corps for 3.5 years, getting all-star votes, making an all-star game, being consistently referred to as team's best defenseman, etc) I think he puts himself ahead in that area.

•Franzen was clearly not drafted for what he did in the regular season. Of course, how much you want to assume he raises his game here is an open question.

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