Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Bruins Re-sign Tyler Seguin: 6 Years at 5.75
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09-12-2012, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by LuckyLager View Post
There have been some seriously misinformed posts in this thread. The whole two year trend thing is ridiculous, and a total misuse of an intrinsically predictive tool.

Also, Danishh is right in saying that Tambellini bought an extra UFA year for $7.5mil, assuming there's no difference in value between Seguin and Hall. UFA years are paid out higher than RFA years, so if a GM wants to extend an RFA contract into the player's UFA years then he'll likely have to up the cap hit over the RFA years too.

In this situation Hall gets paid an extra .25mil than Seguin over each of the first 6 years of his deal, but is still signed for one more year at the 'discount' of 6mil. Seguin will likely be making around 7.5mil in year 7 when he signs his next contract, meaning the actual salary will probably balance out over the seven years at $42mil total. What don't balance out are cap hit and player security. Basically what it comes down to is Boston valued having a slightly lower cap hit to accommodate their current salary issues, while Edmonton valued player security and ensured that Hall would be an Oiler for that extra UFA year. Given the statuses of both franchises I think the two GM's made the right calls for their respective clubs.
This is a great post. Edmonton is happy. Boston is happy. Carolina is happy. Leave the measuring contests for the poll threads please.

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