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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
I think it's a bit misleading. It's not like the Avs have put a HUGE focus on drafting d-men and failed. In the past 12 years (up to and including the 2000 draft) the Avs have drafted :

107 players in total
60 forwards (56.0%)
34 d-men (31.8%)
13 goalies (12.2%)

Of those 34 d-men, only TWO were drafted in the first round (Siemens #11 and Shattenkirk #14) and the only others to even crack the top 50 is Cohen at #45, Elliott at #49 and Gaunce at #50. So of those 5 players, Cohen is already gone and the jury is still out on Elliott, Siemens and Gaunce, I'd say that not bad.

It's not like the Avs are using up all their top picks and trying desperately to draft and develop d-men and are failing hard. They are taking chances on guys in the later rounds and it's not going their way. Luckily, they've done well with forwards in the later rounds...we should be thankful for that.

When you compare the Avs overall drafting to say...the flames, who haven't drafted and developed a top 6 forward in 20 years (1992 -Cory Stillman) and only have Dion Phaneuf, Derek Morris and Toni Lydman to show for their drafting for the last 20 YEARS, I'd say I'm not too worried about it.

At least the Avs are able to make moves to address holes. All the flames can do is overpay for average players like wideman and hand out free no-trade clauses like candy on halloween.
That's a good assessment, but you're comparing the Avs drafting "success" with what is likely the worst drafting team in the NHL. This is like Obama supporters constantly comparing the Prez to George Bush. Can we aim a little higher?

But I'll repeat what I had in a previous post - while you stopped at 2000, I'll go all the way back to 1995: zero defensemen drafted and developed into good NHL defenders. Zero. If someone out there believes that JM Liles is a quality defensive player (which I don't), fine. Then one - one player in 18 years, Bender.

With that record, why the confidence that they'll be able to start doing it now? I almost wish there was a way that the Avs could "lend" a few of these young defensemen to Nashville's or Detroit's organization for two years, then get them back.


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