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12-05-2003, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Starsdude
I guess this has been hashed over then pretty good. Would Ott and a first for havlet be even close. Ott seems to be patterning himself after Brendon and despite low point totals with lousy linemates has been good.
No to Ott. Too much name confusion with Ottawa, and Ott is that prototype 3rd line pure energy player, not the first line power forward. Picks are useless to this year's Cup run, now that we are back running again, albeit behind the leaders.

Here is my guess what may have happened (pure guess). The Stars phoned Mucks and ask what it will take to get Havlat. Answer is Morrow. They say no thanks but we will think about it. Then a week or so later they have some time and nothing else happening, so they go on the road to watch Havlat, trying to determine what he will develop into. If after watching him closely they think he will turn into a all-star player when paired up with Modano and given plenty of ice time, then they will offer Morrow. If they determine he will be very good but not great, then nothing will happen from their scouting of the Sens. Hence Mucks says they like somebody on the Sens, but no talks are going on right now.

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