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Originally Posted by ABasin View Post
My thought process there is that the Avs have 7 veteran defensemen signed, and I don't see any of the 4 young guys getting a lot of NHL ice time this season. Hence, the 4th season of the rebuild may very well go by without us seeing too much of the 4 young guys. Perhaps not, but short of major injury, I think it's certainly quite possible. So, I was projecting to May 2013. Sorry if I made that confusing.

My motivation to contribute to this thread didn't come from an unhappiness with the rebuild, but rather came more from peoples' insistence that this defense is decent when compared to other NHL teams. It isn't, IMO.

I will confess that my confidence that the Avs can develop defensive defensemen prospects Siemens and/or Gaunce into good NHL defenders (or my confidence that the Avs can develop offensive defensemen prospects Elliott and Barrie into acceptable NHL defenders) isn't high, because the Avs have not been able to do so in the past. In 18 years of drafts since the Avs came to Colorado, who do you think is the best example of a defenseman they drafted and developed into a solid NHL defender? You know who I think it is? JM Liles. Or maybe Martin Skoula. Ouch. Not glowing examples of good NHL defenders - and we had to go back at least 13 drafts to come up with even those lousy examples. In 18 years, is it out of the realm of possibility that the Avs could draft and develop ONE blueline guy into a quality NHL defender? With that almost two decade record, where does the confidence come from?

This is why I don't necessarily share the confidence a lot of people have in here that the 4 young guys are going to develop into quality NHL defensive players. If they do, that's great. But if they do, it'll require the Avs organization to have lost its long-held virginity in this respect.

Because Calgary chose Regehr?

Again, I've given you the stats. If even 50% of their picks in the Top 50 would have been spent on d-men, I'd probably be a little more frustrated but that's not the case...not even close.

Originally Posted by ABasin View Post
I'm hoping you aren't referring to my recent posts. I've given my reasoning.

I suppose my concern is more around the defensive development of the guys drafted, not necessarily the drafting itself.

Not at all. I think we're basically saying the same thing. Personally, I'd rank the Avs defense at around #18 league wide at the most optimistic and around #24 on the other end of the spectrum. Somewhere around there.

I think these teams have a worst D group than the Avs:

- Columbus
- NY Islanders
- Calgary
- Dallas
- Edmonton

The following teams are around the same range as the Avs:
(or at least, it can be debated)

- Minnesota (yeah, they got Suter but beyond him, Tom Gilbert? Ouch) [soon to change though with Brodin and Dumba]
- Carolina (Faulk is up and coming though)
- Montreal (with Markov, they are a lot better but he's always injured)
- Toronto (Phaneuf, Liles had a rough 2nd half / Rielly is going to be awesome though)

That's the way I see it +/- a few spots. I don't think you can make a case that we're definitely top 15 going by what we've seen last season.

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