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09-12-2012, 03:07 PM
Not so fast,
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Thanks! Yours is one of the videos I've watched multiple times and I've been trying to break it down much as you've done above.

It seems like one of those things that either you get it or you don't. Until you get it, you're just messing around with trial and error. Then once you get it, it sticks and you don't do it wrong any more. But then once you get it, it's hard to teach someone else how to do it, they just have to learn for themselves! I've had so many different people tell me what I need to do at practice - one will say 'hold your stick this way' while another will tell me 'start more towards the back' and a third will say 'roll your wrists more.' And it's quite likely that at that particular point in time, that IS the biggest issue they can see with my shot. So I'll focus on that issue, and in the meantime lose focus on the other things that need to be done.

Eventually I'm sure that I will get it, and then I'll be the one trying to tell n00bs how to do it and making it seem so darn EASY when there is really so much going on that is easily overlooked once you know how to do it properly!

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