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12-05-2003, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
What would you say the Oilers have? Hemsky, Smyth, Brewer, and probobly York would be the top players, but how many of 'em compare to the names above? Maybe Brewer is better than Phillips and Hemsky could maybe be another Alfredsson, but I think the problem is pretty noticable.
I don't see any noticeable problems with the organizational depth (of the high-end variety). We have Ales Hemsky who is one of the best young players in the game. Mike York, who even if he doesn't improve at all (which is tough to beleive), is at worst one of the better second liners in the league. On the blueline theOilers have Semenov and Bergeron who are both growing and have shown that they are very capable NHL defenceman who will hopefully (and that is the key word here), continue to progress. You make it sound as if the 4 Canucks you mentioned were all superstars at 18... well they weren't... in fact most were cast aways who were struggling on their old teams (minus Ohlund of course). That doesn't even include youngsters like Pouliot or Niinimaki or Greene, who have all shown a lot of growth even over last year. Niinimaki suffered a brutal injury, but if he comes back from it, that is the type of thing that can put you over the mental hump (or it could destroy you... either way). Granted, the Oilers need a lot of help from their young prospects, and that isn't something Oiler fans are arguing with.

There aren't a lot of top-end talents in Edmonton, either on the big club or in the organizations depth chart. So is Edmonton going to get better? Sure. But will they be good enough to compete for a cup after they do? That I'm not sure of.
Top end talent isn't the only thing you have to worry about, because it certainly hasn't helped Vancouver get very far in the playoffs. Let players grow... like I mentioned 5 years ago, Naslund and Bertuzzi weren't top end talents, and they were older than most of the Oilers players. Marty Reasoner is rounding into form and has found a spot in a very important role on this team... in fact, the Oilers are missing him desparately. It's great to have a line full of top end talent, but those other pieces are equally, if not more important. Reasoner may grow into more of an offensive centre, I don't know, and neither do you.

It is called optimism, and it isn't baseless optimism either.

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