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09-12-2012, 03:13 PM
Not so fast,
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That sounds like a fun league to be in, actually.

I play in two different D-leagues. One is more competitive, just games. The other is a class, followed by a game. Only 3 teams and we get new people rolling in all the time. So each team will have stronger and weaker players.

Everyone knows that we're here to get better and have fun, NOT to get bragging rights over the D-league championship. I don't think there's even a trophy for that league. So sure, people try to play well and win - but we all work together in the drills and class beforehand and nobody takes it too seriously. Well, almost nobody...there are a couple of people who would probably get penalties in a more strict league.

A few weeks ago my team started to talk strategy at the end of a game when we were down 2-1 - pull a weak player, play a stronger player even though it messed up the lines. The coach came over and told us NOT to pull anyone from the ice because that wasn't why we were there. We were all there to have fun and get better, and pulling someone in order to win a pointless game in a pointless league where there isn't any reward for winning was not what he wanted us to do.

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