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Originally Posted by Pierre Dagenais View Post
A tip for changing directions, gliding will make you turn around quicker than if you're going full speed.
This! The only time I don't glide is when I'm caught out of position on D or I'm trying to join the rush. The rest of the time I hold up on the LS for about 2 seconds and glide up the ice, that way if there's a turnover my guy is ready to change directions quickly!

I also found the 9 inch skate radius helps make sharper turns. Once you get more XP to spend, it might not make a big difference (haven't tested it out) but for my first 2-3 games I had 11inch and then switched to 9 and it made a difference..but my guy was a 53 overall with not much agility, so it was definately more noticeable then.

Edit: As far a camera for D, I have always used classic. I played on the BAP camera for all of 09 and beginning of 10, then switched to classic and never looked back. I never tried any of the others.

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