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(PS3) GM Connected Casual Gamers League (Active GM's Only)*Jets avail*

Hey Guys, (League name is "WinterIsComing")

-schedule is 1 week. League is advanced every 3 days, unless otherwise noted.
-Human vs Human games only. Any games that are not played by the end of the 3 days will be auto simmed when advanced.
-No playing vs or trading with computer controlled teams.
-if you are going to be inactive longer than 6 days (2 schedule periods) please post on here, the FB group, or preferably on the league wall so everyone can see that you are still active and just busy that week.
-if you are online and someone invites you to play and you cannot play, please let them know, so we don't have people sitting there waiting, unsure if you are going to join.
-Below in the list of teams are the Co Commissioners, if you are having issues, like a team is glitching or something you can to the co commish of your division or me.
-let me know if i missed anything here.

New Jersey Devils - g-men08osi
New York Islanders - epinephrine
New York Rangers- blade7777 (hockey31)-Co Commish
Philadelphia Flyers - cmcmicha9731 (duffy9748)
Pittsburgh Penguins -Taken

Boston Bruins - peelll
Buffalo Sabres - Sharp_Gamers (Klust)
Montreal Canadiens - Crimson-Skorpian
Ottawa Senators - pronron (bingo bango bongo)
Toronto Maple Leafs - TMurphy28 (TieClark)

Carolina Hurricanes - elfhunter- Co Commish
Florida Panthers - BIGWOZ62 (bigwoz62)
Tampa Bay Lightning - gtbruinsuf (gtbruins)
Washington Capitals-PeDrO-0003
Winnipeg Jets - gamingfreak911

Chicago Blackhawks - BananaHandz- Co Commish
Columbus Blue Jackets - higgins212121 (We Want The 25)
Detroit Red Wings - Rossizle
Nashville Predators - krs82
St. Louis Blues - JUST1NCRED1BLExx

Calgary Flames - Agentzzz7 (agentzzz)
Colorado Avalanche - Argyle Kyle (Argyle Kyle) Commissioner
Edmonton Oilers - BowFlex12
Minnesota Wild - taken
Vancouver Canucks-Koojo. (Koojo)

Anaheim Ducks - douglast5 (douglast5)- Co Commish
Dallas Stars - C-Hugo
Los Angeles Kings - J-Bears6 (The Finnish MacInnis)
Phoenix Coyotes - NHL_YLIVALTIAS (Fine young man)
San Jose Sharks -Justice_X



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