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Originally Posted by sonsofcain View Post
There are two ways to look at the value of any contract. One is whether the player is actually worth the money. (Brooks Laich isn't worth $4.5M, for example.) The other is in the context of the market and the player's leverage. (Brooks Laich would definitely have gotten $4.5M from another team as a UFA, for example.)

From the first standpoint, this is overpayment, but I guess not by that much. From the second, it seems like ridiculous overpayment to me. Brouwer's play may be worth over $3M/year, but I honestly can't figure out how he had enough leverage in the negotiation to get as much as he did. It certainly seems like the Capitals could have gotten a much better deal done. But I'm probably wrong.
Maybe because just last summer the Caps gave 3M/year to a guy who is worse than Brouwer in just about every way. Pretty easy to point to Ward's contract and say anything less than that is an insult.

Originally Posted by Liberation View Post
Interesting signing, because of course it won't end until 4 years from now.

So if you look at 2 years from now, we should have Ovechkin, Kuznetsov, Forsberg and Johansson. So where does Brouwer fit in the top 6, a guy who inconsistently plows to the front of the net?

Though I have a feeling I will get a response about how soft everyone of them is besides Ovechkin therefore we need Brouwer in our top 6.

The way I can see it working is MoJo or Forsberg being a center, which then is just going down the stupid path they did in the past.

I think that top 6 has enough grit to work a forecheck, particularly with that bruising 3rd line to do the heavy lifting. If for some reason that doesn't work, you could shuffle in Brouwer and Wilson to the top 6 and roll with three balanced lines, something like this.


Either way, I'm happy with that top 9. And if Galiev or Wilson doesn't work out, we can hopefully keep Chimera around to fill their spot, or maybe Wolski or Perrault if one of them caches fire this year.

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