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09-12-2012, 04:55 PM
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My ideas are linked: So if NHLPA/NHL want proposal A then they need to take proposal B.
1: One player contract on each team does not count against the cap. Team must be spending to/over the cap to use this option.
1b: One player contract can be cut per year. The player will be put through a 100% salary waiver and if another team picks that player up for his entire salary then that player will be paid by the new team and will have a cap hit on that team but will also have a cap hit on the team that waived said player. If player clears waivers, then he does not get paid and the team that cut him incurs no penalty or cap hit for cutting him.

2: Salary cap will go down 2-4% until it is at a 49/51 split owners get 51%(cba term 7 years). No drastic roll backs or escrow payments but the owners get the lions share. HRR TBD

3: UFA Contract length will be no longer then 10 years for first time UFA(24-27 years old) and no more then 7 year contract for 28-30 years old, 31-34 4 year contract and 35-36 2 years 37+ 1 year. No signing bonus. Cap hit and salary must be the same and per year salary must be the same(no 10,8,6,4,1,1,1 deals). No arbitration. ELC will be 7 years from draft. ELC salary will be no more then $2.5mil. No RFA. College players rights will be held for one year after player leaves college(even if he is 50).
3b: UFA at 24-27 years of age. More performance based bonuses on all types of contracts. Minimum salary $800k. SPC contract limit is removed, team can sign 100 players if they want.

4a:Team that drafted player can offer a signing bonus to retain that player when UFA arrives, no other team can offer that.
4b: Drafting team UFA signing bonus will not count against the cap.

5:No salary cap floor but every team must carrier 25 roster players. Five players must make over 2.0mil.

6:Bottom ten teams all get equal chance at #1 pick. If you get #1 this year then next year the highest you can get is #6.

7: The poorest teams that have the best records get more revenue sharing. Don't reward teams that are not even trying.
I had more but I can think right now

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